Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hi there friends and family!! I am trying out the blog thing. My niece has gotten everyone else started so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Please bear with me while I try to keep up with Miss Emily the blog queen!!! I will try to keep you guys up with our current events. Aiyana is doing well. She is very sad to leave kindergarten and has informed me she wants to go back and stay in Kindergarten FOREVER!! She loved her teacher Mrs. Scott and had a fun year.
I will try to post some old pics and get you caught up. I am posting a pic from yesterday with my new haircut. I haven't had my hair this short since I don't know how long!! I am liking it but it is too short in the back for a pony.
Anyway love you all and will post a few more pics of the family and give you details later! Hopefully I can ge the hang of this!


Trevor & Holly said...

Cute hair cut!! We are glad that you have decided to start a blog!! We love to be able to check out everyones blog and keep udated on what is going on with everyone so easily!! We wish you lived closer, too!! Cute blog, we can't wait to see more!! Holly and Trevor

sainsburys said...

Laurie Ruth! It is so fun to see you guys! I'm glad Robert is home. Your hair looks so good. I love the bangs. I'm sad we are going to miss you in the Summer in Spokane. Does Alan have a blog? We finally updated our blog. We are moving in 2 weeks. We will drive to Utah for 2 days than to WA for 3 and half weeks.

Matt & Emily said...

Whoa, who's the blogging queen! Look at your fancy background! I don't even know how to do that, I had to cheat and have my friend do mine for me! But I do love to blog, especially since I have stopped scrapbooking. It's fun though, because you feel more in touch with everyone and what they are doing. I hope we will get to see you guys some time! We miss you. Aiyana is beautiful and you guys have such a cool family!

sainsburys said...

Laurie, I could not find your phone number. We have a new number 662-617-5839. I wanted to call you on Thanksgiving. we miss you I will try to get your number. Happy Birthday! love Amanda